University of Arkansas Visits

Established in 1871, the University of Arkansas was originally known as “The Hill” since it was built on the site of a hilltop farm that had a beautiful view overlooking the Ozark Mountains. Over the years, the university has had a long history of excellence which have included advances in science such as the discovery of Vitamin E in the 1920s and advancements in the research of superconductivity in the 1980s; advances in agriculture such as the development of the first biological herbicide for weed control in a field crop in the 1980s; and advances in technology such as the development of automated mail sorting equipment in the early 90s.

The university’s beautiful campus includes 130 buildings that extend across the rolling hilltops of Fayetteville, and is centered around the university’s signature building, Old Main, which was built with local brick and sandstone. Beginning at the front steps of this historic building, a unique tradition adorns the sidewalks that meander through the campus: Senior Walk. More than 140,000 names of former students are etched into the sidewalk, a tradition started by the graduating class of 1905.

So it’s no wonder that with the University of Arkansas’s rich traditions of excellence and scenic surroundings that your family has decided that they’d like to see your child’s name carved in Senior Walk one day. And to help make that dream a reality, you’re going to need to find the perfect choice of the many Fayetteville, AR hotels to give you lodge while you help your child or children plan for the future and while you support them while they’re here whether they’re hitting the books hard or just “Calling the Hogs”!

To that end, the Dickson St. Inn, one of the finest hotels in Fayetteville, AR, is the ideal place to stay if you have a child going to, or interested in going to, the University of Arkansas. The University is located five short blocks to the west of the Inn. The most popular restaurants (Bordinos, Theo’s, The 36 Club, Wasabi, Farrell’s Lounge, Hog Haus, Common Grounds) and nightlife in town are all within a couple of blocks, so it allows you and your child to get a great feel for what college life in Fayetteville is all about, and while other Fayetteville, AR hotels may give you a place to rest your head, the Dickson Street Inn will surround you with the lush comforts of home and leave you in, well, Hog Heaven.

If you currently have a child enrolled, the Inn would love to host you when you visit, whether it’s orientation, move-in time at the start of the school year, bringing your child back at the start of the Spring semester, or any of the other special weekends during the year, like Razorback sporting events, sorority or fraternity initiations, Parents’ Weekends, etc. The Inn does give discounts and other benefits for repeat visits by U of A parents.

If you have a child considering coming to the U of A, the Inn would love to accommodate you. We have three rooms, 7, 9, and 10, with pull-out sleeper sofas, in addition to their king beds. We also have two pairs of rooms that can adjoin. We have special rates on Sundays and during the summer time. Management of the Inn are long time Fayetteville residents and can answer all your questions about the University, the town, places to go, and things to do. Contact us today if you want to book a stay in one of the finest hotels, in Fayetteville, Arkansas.